Now. Now starts the countdown. Nocturnal Unit’s all new studio album, ‘Vignettes’ is arriving in 3 months. Before you Enter the Vineyard, we’d like to take you on a journey with us as we trace the vines backwards, discovering how Nocturnal Unit evolved into the monster that it is. To do this, we will be releasing previously un-released songs weekly all the way up until you may Enter the Vineyard in 3 months time. These records are vines winding from Nocturnal Unit’s inception all the way up through the current ‘Vignettes’ sessions. Accompanying each new track: a few words from those of us involved in the creation. Y’all look forward to a new track every Sunday starting……now.

The first track is from a hitherto unreleased project titled ‘The Land of Both’ featuring fellow Nocturnal Unit co-founders Erik Nordstrom (rhymes), and Steel Harrison Spaar (Beats).

So without further ado, Nocturnal Unit would like to present to you:……..the first song of 'The Land of Both'……featuring cover art by Erik Nordstrom…………………………………………….Plod:

Here is the record’s Producer, Spaar, with the opening monologue:

“So, Plod. To give a little background; everything I had done preceding Plod was of a substantially darker construction. I realize now it was channeling all the resentment and anxiety that I was feeling towards the people around me and what I was seeing in the world into what I created. I was fairly lucky, and I won't claim to have had an extreme, harrowing past like many of the hardcore mentality did, but I grew up always as an outcast. My ideas, the things that I did, were never mainstream, even during the brief periods where I tried to be. I was always thinking outside of where people wanted me to be, and I think maybe it was this controlled chaos in my brain that spawned my love of rhythms. Particularly complicated rhythms: 6/8, 3 over 4 patterns, triplets, off-beat ghost notes.. I love that kind of stuff. Before the era that Plod began, I wasn't confident in my own ability to recognize and re-create the things I would hear in my mind. But Plod was the very beginning of a new personal era for me, both in my own commitment and attitude towards life, and in my musical confidence. As Roger Miret once aptly stated: "It's my life, it's my destiny. So, I will do it my way." What you hear here is where I began to feel those words in my heart, and the freeing change in my soul is reflected in my music. Funk was always part of me, hardcore was instilled throughout my young life, and they blend through my strange, imperfect lens to form a style that I am very proud to call my own.

Integrity, color, and passion going forward.”

-Alec Wells AKA Steel Harrison Spaar AKA Mugg AKA Marcus Ghent AKA Bear-Cat Al AKA Manpede


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