In the Vineyard, the world where the new Nocturnal Unit album takes place, the vines that meander through from the canopy to the forest floor eventually all lead to a little grove, a thicken of small little ‘vignettes’ that house the artifact that is our new album. These vines are what we started following alongside you last sunday with the release of a previously unreleased song starring Erik Nordstrom and Steel Harrison Spaar. Each week we will be sliding our hands along these vines, hearing the sounds that they make. Each vibrates on a completely unique frequency, and these sounds you will hear every sunday, in the form of previously unreleased songs from the Nocturnal Unit vault, located underground in an especially dangerous region of the Vineyard.


This week's sound represents the sometimes dangerous and extreme nature of the area surrounding the N.U. vault. It’s appropriately titled ‘Cringe’, and is starring Erik Nordstrom (rhymes), and Steel Harrison Spaar (beats). It comes from the same sessions that produced ‘Plod’, last week's sound. If you look carefully as you trace your hands along the vines, you might be able to make out some words from the creators of the sounds you hear. This weeks translation is provided by the song’s lyrical creator and performer, Erik Nordstrom:

Cringe is a song titled by the producer, Alec Wells. I don’t want to put words in his mouth but I think he named it for the aesthetic of the beat. I appreciated that going into writing the lyrics for it because it gave me a starting out point. I didn’t have a clear idea for the song’s purpose before I started writing it, and the rough draft came out as a sort of slow-motion-freestyle, much in the same way that Immune System (a previous song I wrote) did. The song ended up being about my dog, Ginger. I call her Bavis for short. I remember being in the thick of the verse and realizing how angry all of my music was; and how much distrust and blame I lay on my fellow man. This realization was the spark that lit my current fire. Mid-song I tried to think positive, and one thing that stuck out to me as a purely benevolent force, was my dog. She is loyal, kind, and keeps a simplistic view of the world, which makes her an enlightened being in my eyes. I would not be the same without her and this song serves as a homage to her grace and beauty.

And Now I present to you, straight outta the dusty corners of the N.U. vault: Cringe (starring Erik Nordstrom and Steel Harrison Spaar)

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