P.M.A. is a philosophy taught to us through hardcore. Bad Brains said it best on the banger ‘Attitude’ off they first record. A positive mental attitude has helped all of us to survive in this competitive, sometimes terrifying, and savage world that we exist in: the vineyard.

This weeks sound comes from a very long and old vine that for most of it’s length, is underground.

It is also titled, ‘P.M.A.’, but in this case, the anagram stands for ‘Post Mortem Authority’. Growing up in this ‘Vineyard’, death was a very visceral reality. In order to deal with this, the unknown that is the Post Mortem Authority, we needed to use that ‘P.M.A.’ H.R. of the Bad Brains was singing about. That is how this song was born, I did the beat by developing chords using distorted guitar feedback, and it was a fun challenge.

P.M.A. was recorded as part of the as yet unreleased N1 sessions (the very first Nocturnal Unit recording sessions ever) in the basement at 611 on N.U.’s first analog four-track tape recorder. I originally wanted all of the N.U. members to rap on it, but Erik came correct and so it stood where it stands now: a perfect fit for the third song on his ‘The Land of Both’ Solo Project.

And now……burrowing up out of the crypt, the vine that sings of ‘P.M.A’:


Some words on ‘P.M.A.’ from the songs lyricist/vocalist, Erik Nordstrom:
This was one of my favorite beats to rhyme on during this stretch of production. There is a beautiful type of rawness to the feedback in the track that inspired me to tell a story. My goal in writing this story was to tell it in as much detail as was necessary while also being concise with my words. I have always admired a lyricist who can say much by saying little. This is not my story. It is the story of many of my friends and relatives. I am very proud of the work Alec, Rolf and I did on this track and I hope you will feel it. If there is some sort of law and order after death, I want no part in it.


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